At Mums4Hire we know work-life balance is important! That's why we partner with companies who understand the value of hiring mums back into the workforce.

Accommodating mums with flexible work arrangements provide for loyal, happy, productive employees who have acquired so many new soft skills by parenting.

Including mums into your recruitment strategy ensures your company has access to a broader list of capable, available employees who are suitable to your culture and requirements.

As an employer we understand you have your own recruitment strategies in place, so we offer solutions to augment the capabilities you already have by providing a few different models for you to engage our mums. We offer a partnering model where we share your workload as well as a full recruitment model where we provide you with the whole recruitment lifecycle.

Our area of specialisms are Information Technology, Business Support and Administration and broadening our capabilities where needed.

Through our sister company, Synergy Placements, we have a huge social media following, a huge database of pre-assessed mums and a great reputation which allows for thousands of loyal candidates that you will have access to.

Contact us today on (07) 3122 6244 to discuss how we can assist you with getting access to more of the right people or register for Employer Access here.