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Find information on Centrelink, Daycare and other services to support your journey back to work. Jobs For Mums. Mums For Jobs. That's What We Do!


Moms, You’re Never Too Old to Go Back to School

Written by Angela Anagnost-Repke After …Read more

Finding a carer you can trust

Blog post by BabyCenter

How safe is your child?

Where is your child now? By your side,…Read more

What you need to know about Keeping in Touch days

Written by the team at Circle In

Have you heard of them? Don’t worry, as most parents we speak to haven’t. Keeping…Read more

Job interview tips for mums returning to the workforce

Written by Allison Tait

When was the last time you went for a job interview? Whether it was last week, last year or…Read more

Returning to work – do you need to retrain or upskill?

Written by Allison Tait

Too often, mums who take time out from paid work can struggle with confidence when considering getting back…Read more

7 Tips That Make Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave Easier

Written by Lauren Turner

Before you return to work from maternity leave,…Read more

Tips For Updating Your CV

Written by Henrietta Hannemann

You’ll love these simple tips for updating your CV. Getting back in to the workforce can be daunting…Read more

You’re Superwoman…I Don’t Know How You Do It!

Written by Fiona McUtchen

People label me ‘superwoman’ – almost every time it comes up that I’ve got four…Read more

Are You Working Safely During Pregnancy?

Written by the team at Circle In

Most women can continue working during pregnancy. Being pregnant, however, might present challenges at the…Read more

Is Job-Sharing For Me?

Written by Endi Frydman

Two days a week Carrie is a lawyer at a tier one law firm in Melbourne, where she…Read more

What To Do If Your Role Is Being Made Redundant While You’re On Parental Leave

Written by Shannon Lyndon-Lugg

Workplaces are fast-moving and a lot can change while you’re on parental leave.

This…Read more

10 hacks for studying while working & raising a family

Written by Yvette McKenzie

Are you a mum or dad raising a family? So many carers now want to supplement their family…Read more

28 Genius Self-Care Strategies from the Busiest Working Moms

If you’re tired, stressed or prone to anxiety, these small and simple tips could have a positive impact on your “mom-sanity.”

Written…Read more

How Child Safety Contributes To Mum’s Personal Wellbeing and Self Care?

Written by Carolyn Ziegler

Childproofing is important for many reasons but…Read more

10 tips to retain your talent while pregnant and beyond.

Blog post by Grace Papers

It’s the one time in your life your personal and professional lives collide: when to tell your…Read more

A Letter Of Thanks To My First Boss For Supporting My Parental Leave

Written by Vanessa Geerling

Dear my one-time employer, sponsor and all-round awesome bloke. As I prepare for another round of parental leave,…Read more

Don’t laugh at the oldest mum in the room, she knows things you don’t

Written by Mary O’Connell

I pitied them when I was a child, the old mums ambling into the class parties and Christmas…Read more

How To Financially Thrive, Not Just Survive, As A Working Mum

Babies don’t have to be a drain on your bank balance.

Written by Antoinette Mullins

Annabel Crabb summed up…Read more

A Must-Read For Moms: 5 Financial Tips

Written by Judith Ward

Women face a number of gender-specific risks…Read more

50 working mum hacks to make life easier

Written by Zoe Meunier

Are you a working mum with too little time on your hands? These life hacks and tips…Read more

Traveling Exec Mom Got Extreme Perk to Stay with Company: Helicopter Rides Home for Bathtime

She might have quit without them.

Written by Meredith Bodgas
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Blog by Care For Kids

All parents want to know their child is receiving the best possible care and attention while…Read more

How to Successfully Integrate Breastfeeding Into Your Work Life

The secret to pumping, creating a milk supply, and sneaking in pumping sessions

Written by Katherine Lewis

Employment…Read more

A Mum on LinkedIn Asked How to Deal with After-Hours Events and Fellow Working Parents Delivered

Whether your reasons for turning down invites are practical or emotional, there’s advice for you here.

Written by Maricar Santos
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10 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Child While You’re Working

Written by Jennifer Parris

You eat, sleep and breathe your family, but you’re also pretty passionate about your career, too….Read more

16 Ways to Become a Confident-Joyful Working Mum

Answer these questions to create your ideal working mum image

Written by Elizabeth…Read more

Eight Amazing Women on Achieving Work-Life Balance And A More Gender-Balanced Workplace

Blog by Indeed

Did you know that on average, Australian women have to work an extra 56 days a year…Read more

An academic mother’s wish list: 12 things universities need

There are many ways to create an inclusive workplace

Written by Julia Leventon, Katy Roelich & Lucie Middlemiss

Julia, Katy…Read more

Millennial Mums

Blog by Babylove

How they approach motherhood

Is being a millennial mum really all about social media and sharing…Read more

Job Share – Yes or No for Employers

job-share /ˈdʒɒbʃɛː/ verb (of two part-time employees) share the work and pay of a single full-time job. “some employers will not allow you…Read more

What’s In It For Me?

Our aim at Mums4Hire is to provide opportunities to mums wanting to get back into the workforce. It doesn’t matter how long you have been absent –…Read more

The Cost of Childcare

Written by Roxanne Elliott – Founder –

In our quest to provide information readily available to mums who are looking to…Read more

Paid Parental Leave – Centrelink

Shared from

As a new mum or almost mum there are so many things to think about and information you need…Read more

Mums Returning To The Workplace

Written by Nitha Coetzer

As a mum of two having worked almost my whole life, I can
empathise with mums who have to…Read more

10 Careers Where Women are Winning

By Kirrily Schwarz

VOCATIONAL education and training (VET) provides women a…Read more

How To Create a Maternity Leave Plan

By Georgene Huang

It may seem like one more thing to worry about but it’s worth it to be prepared.
Read more

The Growing Force of Women in Technology

Content by CallTrackingMetrics

While they comprise half of the U.S. workforce, women still hold less than 20…Read more

Tech-savvy mum’s confession: ‘I cyber-stalk my teenager’

By Eva Simpson – 5 minute read

Confession time. Like Jamie Oliver, I cyber-stalk my teenager.

Ok, stalk makes…Read more

Eight Guilt-free Parenting Shortcuts

By Harriet Farkash – 5 minute Read

Some things just hang around like a bad smell, and for us working mothers, that’s…Read more

Four Factors That Make a Company a Great Place for Women

By Lydia Dishman – 5 minute read

There is no shortage of annual reviews of the best companies to work…Read more



Work Opportunity For Mums

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Our goal is to give mums a helping hand back into the workplace through flexible work arrangements with employers who support mums.

Our employers understand how challenging it is for mums to get a fair go and provides a supportive work environment with flexibility.

Being in recruitment for the past six years, I have been exposed to both sides of the coin. Mums struggling to get back into the workplace in a way that suits their work/life balance and employers’ misgivings when looking at hiring mums.

Being mums ourselves, we have experienced the challenges first hand and we are proud to say we are doing our part to help bridge the chasm little by little. Find a perfect Work Opportunity today.